iMS Castor™

Processing unit with measuring modules, electrical cabinet with power supply and protection elements, connection terminals and wiring.

Provides measurements of all required values important for specific application with up to three measurement points. System enables measurement of: relative displacements, vibrations, speed, air gap magnetic field, shaft current, flow, pressure, temperature…

Connection to internal network for remote access (Intranet).

Temporary data base for diagnostic purposes (SD card).

Application software for data acquisition, digitalization, and measurement analysis.

Application for system setup (sensitivity, measurement type, measurement range, analysis type, alarm/danger level, event window,…) and data visualization (real time and from temporary database).

Web application for remote system access (Intranet).

Security protocols, certificates and hashing algorithms for data safety and security.

Installation of hardware.

Installation of software.

Testing of data links
Testing of software
Testing of hardware
Commissioning and handower of system.

Initial user training.

Support and troubleshooting in case of major issues or on customer request.

Initial user training.