iMS Castor™

iMS Castor is designed for less complex machines and systems.

Processing unit with measuring modules, provides measurements of all required values important for specific application with up to three measuring points.

iMS Castor is connected via web application for remote system access to monitor specified by customer.

iMS Dom™

iMS Dom is designed for medium complex machines and systems.

Local measuring server for cluster connection of multiple monitoring system units. Local database on processing unit or on server depending on system scope.

Two network modules: one for connection of monitoring systems in clusters and other for connection on Intranet or Internet (safe and secured connections). VPN access point.

iMS Zermatt™

Option with data center / client server:

iMS Zermatt is designed for the most complex systems and its server is used to connect a couple of processing units into one cluster representing one section. Multiple servers can be connected to represent a larger cluster / power plant / multiple power platts.

Communication with server over secured OpenVPN connection. Has Open VPN service by itself for secure connection.