Water jacket cooled motors for propulsion and thrusters



Low and high voltage induction motors for ship maneuvering (thrusters) and technological drives (pumps, fans and compressors).

Nominal Power range 75 kW – 10 000 kW
Nominal Voltage range 400 V – 11 000 V
Special design: water jacket cooled motors for ship propulsion and winches.

Nominal Power range from 325 kW – 4 800 kW
Nominal Voltage up to 690 V
Cooling method IC 71 W

In comparison with standard motors, the main water jacket cooled motor advantages are: – small overall dimension and weight due to compact design, custom made for ship installation resulting in space -saving on vessels – high efficiency resulting in lower total energy consumption – longer life and operation reliability resulting in lower service costs.

AC motors

  • HV slip-ring motors
  • HV squirrel-cage motors
  • LV squirrel-cage motors
  • LV slip-ring motors
  • Water jacket cooled motors
  • Shaftless motors
  • Traction motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Synchronous motors

Engine power at customer’s request.