Generators for wind mills

Turbine Generator

Wind turbines are manufactured in a wide range of vertical and horizontal axis types. Arrays of large turbines, known as wind farms, are becoming an increasingly important source of intermittent renewable energy and are used by many countries as part of a strategy to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Stator winding is specialy designed to be compactible with operation via converter. Winding is single layer, made of rectangular copper wires insulated by varnish. Winding is arranged with additional interturn insulation.

Stator core with winding is subjected to impregnation and temperature treatment to ensure winding long life and resistance on humidity and air pollution. Rotor consists of poles mounted on the hub. Pole coils are made of rectangular wires insulated by vanish. Damper winding is built in pole shoes.

The basic characteristics of the Series are:

  • high efficiency
  • low noise-level
  • insulation class F
  • adaptability to various requirements of drives
  • reliability in operation
  • low maintenance costs
  • simple installation and maintenance

Basic generator technical data is available on request.

Technical specifications can be modified:

  • Output-voltage
  • Current
  • Speed